Petite Mini Goldendoodle
Color: Tan & White

Size: 20lb, 14in


Darcey is such a calm, silly sweetheart. We waited a long time to get this perfect coloration of her and her sister, and we are in love! She is extremely laid back and calm. She loves looking for toys around the house. . She was a dream to watch grow and is loving life with her precious guardian family! She loves to snuggle and play, and we think she may be part cat!.  She is the definition of "lapdog" and is always curled up on their laps and at their sides.  We are anxious to see her and her sister Stacey's litters, they're incredibly beautiful dogs, with stunning temperaments.

Health Clearances
OFA-Hips: Excellent
OFA-Elbows : Normal
Patellas: Normal
Heart: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
CERF Eyes: Normal

Degenerative myelopathy –Normal(Clear)
GM2 Gangliosidosis – Normal (Clear)
Neonatal encephalopathy – Normal (Clear)
Osteochondrodysplasia – Normal (Clear)
Progressive retinal atrophy –  Normal (Clear)
Progressive rod-cone degeneration – Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease I –Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease II – Normal (Clear)