Petite Mini Goldendoodle

Color: Red & White

Size: 20lb, 14in


Ember is a charmer and always loves to be by your side. She is always thinking five steps ahead of her guardian mom (who keeps her entertained with snuffle mats and her monthly Bark Box).  She enjoys playing and always greets everyone with a friendly tail wag greeting for all. She is friendly, so incredibly soft, irresistible and confident. She loves hiking, long walks (especially when there is water to jump in) and being her mom's spoiled baby! She is so well-mannered and an absolute joy to have around. Everyone melts when they see her and we can't wait for this teddy bear's contributions to our program in the near future!

Health Clearances
OFA-Hips: Excellent
OFA-Elbows: Normal
Patellas: Normal
Heart: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
CERF Eyes: Normal

Degenerative myelopathy –Normal(Clear)
GM2 Gangliosidosis – Normal (Clear)
Neonatal encephalopathy – Normal (Clear)
Osteochondrodysplasia – Normal (Clear)
Progressive retinal atrophy –  Normal (Clear)
Progressive rod-cone degeneration – Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease I –Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease II – Normal (Clear)