Petite Mini Goldendoodle
Color: Apricot & White

Size: 22lb, 13in


Phoenix is the most delightful, social, playful, affectionate dog, packed into a small space! Phoenix is at home with country and city living. He enjoys outdoor activities, and also is a huge couch potato. He loves being with his people, they are everything to him. He enjoys meeting new dogs, even other other boys! He loves puppies, and impatiently waits for every litter to be old enough for him to play with. Phoenix not only has a great personality, but he has the looks to match. The puppies he has produced have mirrored his good looks and phenomenal personality!

Health Clearances

OFA-Hips : Excellent
OFA-Elbows : Normal
Patellas : Normal
Heart : Normal
Thyroid : Normal
CERF Eyes: Normal

Degenerative myelopathy - Normal (Clear)
GM2 Gangliosidosis - Normal (Clear)
Neonatal encephalopathy - Normal (Clear)
Osteochondrodysplasia - Normal (Clear)
Progressive retinal atrophy - Normal (Clear)
Progressive rod-cone degeneration - Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease I - Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease II - Normal (Clear)

Ichthyosis - Normal (Clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, GR1 - Normal (Clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy GR2 - Normal (Clear)