Teddy Bear Mini & Micro Goldendoodles in Michigan

mini goldendoodle puppy michigan

wearing a yellow collar

Litter Notes:

Rose's litter are overall self assured & confident unless we have otherwise described them as such. They have shown little to no stress in new situations that arise; or around new people.  In stressful circumstances they remain calm. Sights and sounds are handled appropriately by being curiously investigated. (This includes sights and sounds that could typically startle puppies.)  They are well balanced in all levels when interacting with food, play and toys.  Their problem-solving and memory abilities are good for their age.  Their focus is average for their age. Rose's litter are socially appropriate in their interactions with people, as well as one another, cats and older dogs. Their play vocalization is appropriate socially and can be managed easily. They only rarely use their mouth to engage in interaction, or start play, but when they do, they have excellent bite inhibition. These puppies show no possessiveness and do not have red flags. They are comfortable with restraint and tolerant of all forms of handling. Rose's litter overall are very personable and affectionate. They are eager, engaging, bubbly, happy, social, and inquisitive. The puppies are very consistent with very few differences between them. Individual differences are noticed only one comparing them side-by-side. The entire litters had mid to moderate energy. They have good potential for therapy work. 

Princess: Temperament test result 3 (some 2s)

Princess is confident, self-assured, and content to explore/play on her own. She is personable and affectionate; gentle with handling and interaction; playful, curious, social and engaging. She is motivated by interaction, food and toys. She reacts well when presented with new sights and sounds. She has good problem solving and memory levels for a puppy of her age.  She is equally driven by food toys and people as motivators. She plays appropriately with other puppies, dogs and cats. When she uses her mouth she can be easily redirected.   This puppy has no extremes in her temperament and she should adapt well to most any home. Princess will have a wavy coat as an adult.


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