Toy Micro Goldendoodle
Color: Red​

Size: 20lb, 14in

Rose Past Puppies

Rose is the sweetest Doodle ever. She loves to be with people and cuddle, the perfect lap dog! She is calm and relaxed but is always willing to play when the opportunity arises. She is very smart, and learns by watching, surprising us by picking things up we haven't taught her yet. She goes where the people are, even if it's a new scary place, and trusts people completely. Rose & Jasper's puppies average 12-16lb.

Health Clearances

OFA-Hips : Excellent
OFA-Elbows : Normal
Patellas : Normal
Heart : Normal
Thyroid : Normal
CERF Eyes: Normal

Degenerative myelopathy - Normal (Clear)
GM2 Gangliosidosis - Normal (Clear)
Neonatal encephalopathy - Normal (Clear)
Osteochondrodysplasia - Normal (Clear)
Progressive retinal atrophy - Normal (Clear)
Progressive rod-cone degeneration - Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease I - Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease II - Normal (Clear)

Ichthyosis - Normal (Clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, GR1 - Normal (Clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy GR2 - Normal (Clear)