Teddy Bear Mini & Micro Goldendoodles in Michigan

mini goldendoodle puppy michigan

wearing a purple collar

Sweetheart: Temperament test result 3 (some 4's)

Sweetheart is confident and self-assured. She shows no stress in new situations, around new people, or in circumstances that would typically be considered stressful. She reacts appropriately to new sights and sounds. She is curious and investigative. She has very good memory, focus, and problem-solving abilities above average for her age and stage of development. She has very good motivations for interaction, food, and toys at fairly equal and balanced levels. She is socially appropriate in her interactions with litter mates, cats, other dogs, and people. She is rarely vocal and has excellent bite inhibition.  She has no red flags and shows no possessiveness. She is comfortable and tolerant of handling and restraint. 


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