Toy Micro Goldendoodle

Color: Gold

Size: 20lb, 13in

Yoshi's Past Puppies

​Yoshi is a true petite, that can easily fit in your lap and be carried around. She is a confident, social, and playful little lovebug! Yoshi is the life of the party and greets everyone she meets, stranger or not, as if they were her best friend. She is the constant companion of her guardian mommy, who says "Yoshi is the love of my life and the best dog I have ever had!" Yoshi & Jasper's puppies average 11-15lb.

Health Clearances
OFA-Hips : Excellent
OFA-Elbows : Normal
Patellas : Normal
Heart : Normal
Thyroid : Normal
CERF Eyes: Normal
Degenerative myelopathy - Normal (Clear)
GM2 Gangliosidosis - Normal (Clear)
Neonatal encephalopathy - Normal (Clear)
Osteochondrodysplasia - Normal (Clear)
Progressive retinal atrophy - Normal (Clear)
Progressive rod-cone degeneration - Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease I - Normal (Clear)
Von Willebrand disease II - Normal (Clear)
Ichthyosis - Normal (Clear)
Progressive Retinarl Atrophy, GR1 - Normal (Clear)
Progressive Retinal Atrophy GR2 - Normal (Clear)