How do I get on the waitlist?


Fill out our puppy application, or Guardian Home application, and if it is a good fit for both of us, we will contact you back with how to place a deposit via Venmo, Paypal or check. Please understand that our waitlists fill up FAST and our pups are in High Demand.  We do not mass produce our pups.  We want to ensure they get the utmost attention.  Sometimes we have a pup become available due to a person's circumstances changing, or we have pups over and above the families on the waitlist that are ready. This happens more often than you would think.  If that is the case then the pup becomes available to those on the future waitlists. 

How does the master waitlist work?


You can stay on the waitlist for 1 full year from your deposit date after you have been offered your first litter. 


*Sweetiedoodles reserves the first 2 spots, (pups) in each litter. 


About 2 weeks after a litter is born we will contact everyone on the waitlist to ask if you will be interested in picking a pup from that specific litter, (pictures of litter will be sent to you).


You will have 24 hours to let us know if you are interested in the litter, for the courtesy of other families on the waitlist. Please reply to the email we send in that time, if we have not heard back from you in that time period, we will move down the list. If you respond to us after the 24 hours, we can offer you the next available spot in that litter, if a spot is available. If there is no longer a spot available, you will not loose your place on the waitlist, and will be contacted again with the next litter. 


We will also notify you if there is a chance of you being offered a puppy from this litter (a "runner-up") should people higher on the list above you pass their opportunity.  Please reply to this email within 24 hours as well if you would be interested in a puppy at this time, or we will assume it is not a good time for you and move down the list. 


If you are interested, then we will contact you on the scheduled "Puppy Pick" day which is typically when the pups are around 6 weeks old when we do temperament tests. Pups are picked in the order initial deposits for the master list were received. 

How do I pick out my puppy?


The puppies are picked in the order the deposits for the master list are received. Puppy pick day is generally when the pups are around 6 weeks old.


We will notify you of a date that we will have the “puppy pick day”.  Two days prior to this, videos, pictures, and temperament test descriptions will be provided.  On puppy pick day, we will need your decision within one hour of your time slot, so we can contact the next person on the list with the remaining puppies. 

To protect your pup along with the other puppies we not have visitors. This is important due to the pups having not been vaccinated, (or not fully vaccinated). 

What is pick-up day process?


All pups need to be picked up on their go home day at 8 weeks old, we do not hold pups past their go home day. The go home day for the puppies will be the day they turn 8 weeks old, or the Saturday closest to that date. You will need to be sure you can pick up your pup on go home day BEFORE you reserve the pup. You will need to make arrangements to get the pup on that specified day.


The total amount must be paid in full before the puppy leaves. Go home day is a super busy day with lots of families picking up their new pup, so we ask that all final payments be made before pickup, unless paying in cash on the day of pickup.


We currently do not have visitors inside our home where the pups are, due to germs that you could unknowingly bring in around the pups, future pups, and any pregnant or nursing moms. This will also help to not spread Covid from family to family.


We will set up a time for you to pick up your pup, and we will take your pup, and puppy go home bag out to you. We will answer any question you may have and you will sign the Spay & Neuter Contract. Most of the info you will have already received by me through email on puppy tips, when to schedule your vet appointment, feeding schedule, potty training tips, etc.