Teddy Bear Mini & Micro Goldendoodles in Michigan

 Our puppies are $3500 for girls, and $3000 for boys.
To be considered for our puppies, please fill out our
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mini goldendoodle puppy michigan
mini goldendoodle puppy michigan

Why choose a Sweetiedoodle?

  1. Our dogs are nothing but the best! We breed only the best generations of Goldendoodles!  We prefer the health, coat quality & temperament of the multigenerational goldendoodle. 

  2. Colors that we breed are red, apricot, and cream. We breed solid color & tuxedo. 

  3. We are only breeding Goldendoodles. Our focus and expertise is on the Goldendoodle breed only, not several others. 

  4. Everyone of our Sweetiedoodle Moms & Dads are health tested to help make sure pups will live a healthy &long life.

  5. This includes but not limited to: OFA Hips/Elbows, Eyes OFA Cerf, Disease tested for DM, vWD, Ichthyosis, Uric Acid,  PRA-prcd. Unfortunately the most common diseases like Cancer and Auto Immune are something we can't test for BUT we know the history of our bloodlines.

  6. Sweetiedoodle moms are just that, sweet dogs that trainers have help us retain from litters specifically for their personality.  We know first hand the health history, behaviors, temperaments & personality of our Sweetiedoodle moms.

  7. All our puppies come with a Health Guarentee, as well as a wellness checkup and health records. They have received dewormer every 2 weeks, are up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. 

  8. We use Early Development Stimulation and temperament test our puppies!

  9. We send our puppies home with puppy food, a harness and leash, and a blanket that smells like their mom and littermates.

  10. Our Sweetiedoodle Moms and Dads live in Guardian homes from an early age. This provides them with extra love and care, and they are not raised in a kennel environment. 

  11. Puppies are raised IN our home with unlimited amounts of love, to give them the best start in life they can get. 

  12. Different: Our pups have not only a unique look about them but also a very human like personality. #parthuman

  13. You become part of the Sweetiedoodles family. We are always here for questions,advice and guidance throughout the life of your puppy.

  14. Our primary objective is to place our puppies with families who will adore them for life and give them the care, training and time our puppies deserve. Each of our clients must be committed to the above. We do not ask our clients their religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.  Dogs do not discriminate, and neither do we. As long as you are committed to unconditionally love your puppy for life, we will be your fur-ever family!

Petite Mini English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles

Toy Micro English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles