Heartworm, Flea & Tick Prevention

We recommend monthly flea & tick prevention. 

Both oral and topical can cause adverse affects, but oral seems to have more adverse affects than topical.

The flea & tick preventative Bravecto and Simparica in particular seems to have a lot more reports of seizures and other neurological side effects in doodles. The heartworm preventative ProHeart 12  has also had reports of serious side effects. In particular, ProHeart 6 was pulled from the market because it was too dangerous. ProHeart 12 is a higher dose of ProHeart 6 so while there may have been other changes, I will not be giving my dogs this preventative.

My dog's tolerate Vectra 3D or Advantage II for fleas & ticks, I give my dogs a bath about 6 hours after application. They get Heartgard for heartworm prevention.

Any dog can have a reaction to any flea & tick or heartworm preventative. The best option is to watch your dog after administering a flea & tick preventative, and stick with the one that your dog tolerates the best.

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