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Heartworm, Flea & Tick Prevention

We recommend monthly flea & tick prevention. 

Both oral and topical can cause adverse affects, but oral seems to have more adverse affects than topical.

The flea & tick preventative Bravecto and Simparica in particular seems to have a lot more reports of seizures and other neurological side effects in doodles. The heartworm preventative ProHeart 12  has also had reports of serious side effects. In particular, ProHeart 6 was pulled from the market because it was too dangerous. ProHeart 12 is a higher dose of ProHeart 6 so while there may have been other changes, I will not be giving my dogs this preventative.

Do not use flea collars! Even “safe” ones are still exposing you and other animals to pesticides. For instance Seresto’s flea collar, touted to be safe, has been linked to almost 1700 pet deaths.

My dog's tolerate Vectra 3D or Advantage II for fleas & ticks, I give my dogs a bath about 6 hours after application. They get Heartgard for heartworm prevention.

If your dog is super itchy after applying topical, then switch to an oral like Trifexis.

Any dog can have a reaction to any flea & tick or heartworm preventative. The best option is to watch your dog after administering a flea & tick preventative, and stick with the one that your dog tolerates the best.

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