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Recommended Puppy Supplies

Training Books

We also recommend Zak George's YouTube channel, the kids love to teach their puppies using it!

Their is also an Online Puppy School called Bella & Baxter that we have heard wonderful things about.

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Ideal Set-up


Food & Water Dishes

We recommend heavy ceramic bowls. Ceramic bowls also have the bonus of a variety of designs! You should never use plastic bowls, they can harbor bacteria and also release chemicals into food and water.


The crate we use is the small crate, or 24 inch crate. This size crate is 24x18x19 (which is 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 19 inches tall.) The double door crate is better than the single door, so that you can use whichever door is more convenient at the time. I prefer wire over plastic, as plastic harbors bacteria and odors. I like to make them more cozy by putting covers on them.


Nail Clippers & Brushes

While your puppy still has baby nails, normal human nail clippers work best. Once they get bigger, we do not recommend guillotine style nail clippers. Nail trimmers that are scissor like are the best option.​​ A dog rake and a comb are both must haves. Combs and a rake are great at getting out burrs and small mats, and Cowboy Magic is a detangler that is a must have for Doodle coats! Many Doodle owners swear by slicker brushes for getting out mats. 

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I use a break-away cat collar so that if the collar gets caught on something, it releases. (I remove the bell...) The bonus with these collars is the peace love dogs sign on them! I recommend a 3/4" leash that is 5-6 feet long. Do not buy retractable! They are not safe for owners or pets. This is also a great time to buy an ID tag.


I hook the leash to a harness, which we will supply. I hook the leash to a harness because I only use break-away collars for safety reasons. Plus with the harness I can pick them up quickly with the leash in an emergency, without choking them. 



For puppies, I do not feed most treats, as they can give them an upset stomach at this age. Dehydrated or freeze dried treats that are made from very few ingredients are best. Train by Pupford is one example (click image to go to their page).


Beef Bones​​

Beef bones are good for dogs to chew on. They drop little pieces of bone though, so many people don't like them. (Or you can have it be a treat just for in the crate.) Don't get pork bones even though they seem like a better size for puppies, they shatter into sharp shards. I like to get the beef bones that are as big as the puppy, the ends of femur bones, but you can also give them the whole femur. These can be found at Meijer and at any farm store like Family Farm and Home, Blain's, and Tractor Supply. 



Despite being little, these dogs love big dog toys. Even if they are as big as them! They also love cat toys. They especially love the cat toys on a string that you can use to play chase with. Cat tunnels are also the perfect size for them, and they like the crinkle noise of some. Only get the cat toys that do not have pieces that can fall off and become a choke hazard, and that your puppy can’t swallow whole. As your dog grows, watch the size of the cat toys! If they can swallow them once they are adults then they can't have them. We also recommend Kongs that you can fill with yogurt or peanut butter, and freeze the whole thing. Chewing the Kong is good for their teeth, and the frozen treat inside will keep them occupied. Kongs are sold at pretty much any store that sells pet supplies.



Other things that you can buy ahead of time are listed below.

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