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Goldendoodle Coat Types

Goldendoodles come in a 3 main coat types.

Wavy Coat


This coat is wavy and plush. This coat will require full body brushing once a week. Area with heavy friction, such as behind the ears, around the collar, and at the elbows and hips where the fur cushions them as they lay down, may require more frequent brushing. Doodles with a wavy coat are often low to non-shedding.

Curly Coat


The curly coat can be anything from a relaxed loose curl to a more curly ringlet, although most do not get as curly as a poodle. This Goldendoodle coat type requires more frequent full-body brushing, paying close attention to heavy friction areas. Curly coated English Goldendoodles are considered to be the most non-shedding. 

Flat Coat

A flat coat is any Goldendoodle with no furnishings, (so no long hair on their muzzle, chin, and eyebrows). Flat coat Goldendoodles will have to be groomed less than a wavy or curly coated Goldendoodle. Primarily, people get a flat coat Goldendoodle because of their looks. Typically, dog owners want a Goldendoodle that looks more like a Golden Retriever.  At the end of the day, it’s all personal preference. A flat coated is no less a Doodle than a furnished Doodle and there are people that actually prefer the lower maintenance of this coat (and don’t mind minimal shedding). The texture of their hair is truly wonderful to the touch as it is usually softer and silkier than that of a Golden Retriever. 

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